In 1908, my grandfather Felix Ganz immigrated to the United States from Caviola, Italy working as a mason in Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida, finally settling in Piscataway, New Jersey in 1941. He helped build Camp Kilmer in Edison, New Jersey, a sight that would become the largest processing center for US Troops, who served during World War II.

On January 21st, 1948 my father Dolfino Ganz and uncle’s Felix P. Ganz and Aldo Ganz immigrated to the United States. My uncles followed in my grandfathers footsteps and became masons.

In 1982, I too followed grandfather’s path, first as a laborer, then apprentice and finally a full mason with the addition of a credited studies that focused on architectural and blue print reading, estimating and welding.

For the next 16 years, I served as lead mason and supervisor for F.R. Nora Engineering and Construction until finding my own company, Ganz Masonry LLC, in 2000.

Ganz Masonry is committed to building residential and commercial masonry, with sustainable design. Projects that stand the test of time and bring the personal satisfaction, we enjoy through the spirit of excellence we share with those who came before us.